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Triple-A-Systeme (oder AAA-Systeme, kurz AAA) werden in großem Umfang bei kabelgebundenen und mobilen Netzwerk-Betreibern sowie Internetdienstanbietern eingesetzt. Die drei A stehen dabei für Authentifizierung (englisch authentication), Autorisierung (engl. authorization) und Abrechnung (engl. accounting) des Netzwerkzugangs von Kunden (Endkunden) AAA Authentication AAA in networking terminology is an abbreviation for Authentication , Authorization and Accounting . AAA is what keeps the network secure by making sure only the right and legitimate users are authenticated, that those users have access only to the right network resources and that those users are logged as they go about their business AAA (authentication, authorization, and accounting) Ein AAA-Server ( Authentication, Authorization, and Accounting) ist ein System, das fundamentale Systemzugangsfunktionen verwaltet: Die Authentifizierung, Autorisierung und Benutzung sowie deren Abrechnung. AAA-Server arbeiten wechselseitig mit Zugangs- und Gateway-Servern zusammen und verwalten.

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  1. What is AAA (Authentication, Authorization, and Accounting)? Last Updated : 11 May, 2020 Authentication, Authorization, and Accounting (AAA) is an architectural framework to gain access to computer resources, enforcing policies, auditing usage, to provide essential information required for billing of services and other processes essential for network management and security
  2. What Does Authentication Authorization and Accounting (AAA) Mean? Authentication, authorization and accounting (AAA) is a system for tracking user activities on an IP-based network and controlling their access to network resources. AAA is often is implemented as a dedicated server. This term is also referred to as the AAA Protocol
  3. AAA (Authentication, Authorization, Accounting) - AAA is a standard based framework used to control who is permitted to use network resources (through authentication), what they are authorised to do (through authorization) and capture the actions performed while accessing the network (through accounting)
  4. Configure a local user account on R1 and configure authenticate on the console and vty lines using local AAA. Verify local AAA authentication from the R1 console and the PC-A client. Configure server-based AAA authentication using TACACS+. Verify server-based AAA authentication from the PC-B client
  5. Authentication Authorization Accounting, kurz AAA, steht für ein Sicherheitskonzept in dem die drei Hauptaufgaben Authentifizierung, Autorisierung und Accounting zusammengefasst sind. Mit AAA kann man die Zugangskontrolle in einem Netzwerk organisieren
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Choose Configuration > Security > AAA > RADIUS > Modify Authentication/Accounting Server. View or change the IP address and port number of the authentication server. To view or modify RADIUS profile configuration on the CLI, perform the following operations AAA, that is Authentication, Authorization and Accounting are important facets of security, allowing information and other assets to remain secure and only be accessed by those with permission to access. With all access being recorded through logging to make sure there's a trail of evidence available if needed later on for investigation. As I stated earlier in my day to day life as a Cyber. You probably use Authentication, Authorization, and Accounting (AAA), in some form, every day. But what is AAA in terms of network security? David Davis tells you what you need to know about AAA.. It's a better idea to work with a central AAA server for authentication. On this server, you add all your usernames and passwords. You configure your routers and switches to use this AAA server for authentication. On Cisco IOS, you can configure precisely how you want to use the AAA server for authentication. You can use it for console or VTY access but also for enable (privileged) mode and some other options like PPP authentication aaa authentication enable default group tacacs+ enable > This command is required for the enable authentication when you need to enter the enable password defined on the tacacs server

Authentication, authorisation and accounting (AAA) refers to a common security framework for mediating network and application access. AAA intelligently controls access to computer resources by enforcing strict access and auditing policies. This process ensures that access to network and software application resources can be restricted to specific, legitimate users Configure AAA authentication for console to use the default AAA authentication method. R3(config)# line console 0 R3(config-line)# authentication default Step 6: Verify the AAA authentication method. Verify the user EXEC using the AAA RADIUS server. R3(config-line)# end %SYS-5-CONFIG_I: Configured from console by console R3# exit R3 con0 is now available Press RETURN to get. Cisco AAA with TACACS+ Jun 12, 2017 Terminal Access Controller Access-Control System Plus (TACACS+) is a protocol developed by Cisco and released as an open standard beginning in 1993. Although derived from TACACS, TACACS+ is a separate protocol that handles authentication, authorization, and accounting (AAA) services

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Viele übersetzte Beispielsätze mit aaa authentication - Deutsch-Englisch Wörterbuch und Suchmaschine für Millionen von Deutsch-Übersetzungen. aaa authentication - Deutsch-Übersetzung - Linguee Wörterbuc Switch(config)# aaa authorization exec default group tacacs+. Note: the above command will determine whether a user is allowed to EXEC mode. If you need to configure command level, network level or any other level of authorization, you need to replace the 'exec' by the appropriated command. After defining the authorization, you need to apply the authorization to a line so that the users. AAAとは. AAAとは. AAAとは、Authentication(認証)Authorization(認可)、Accounting(アカウンティング)の略称の. ことであり、これら3つの異なるセキュリティ機能を設定するためのアーキテクチャ上の枠組みのことです。. AAA. 説明. Authentication. 認証では、ユーザID/パスワード、デジタル証明書などの有効なクレデンシャル(信用情報)を. 確認し正当なユーザであるかを決定. 22.2.1 Packet Tracer - Configure AAA Authentication on Cisco Routers Answers Packet Tracer - Configure AAA Authentication on Cisco Routers (Answers Version) Answers Note: Red font color or gray highlights indicate text that appears in the instructor copy only. Addressing Table Device Interface IP Address Subnet Mask Default Gateway Switch Port R1 G0/1 255.255.255.. How to determine which AAA method will be used for authentication.‍♀️‍♂️ In a hurry, timestamps (below) allow you to jump to the part you wan..

AAA or Authentication, Authorization and Accounting is a term used to describe 3 functions in IT. Mainly AAA is used to control access to different IT resources like network, service, server, etc. AAA simply consists of 3 steps where each completes others for perfect security What Is AAA? Authentication. Authentication provides a method of identifying a user, typically by having the user enter a valid... Authorization. Following authentication, a user must gain authorization for doing certain tasks. After logging in to a... Accounting. The final piece in the AAA. With AAA authentication, you define one or more authentication methods that the router should use when authenticating a user. For example, you could specify two authentication methods: use an external security server, and, if this is not available, use the local username database on the router. As you will see later in the chapter, you can use many methods to perform authentication on your. AAA and 802.1X Authentication When it comes to securing the network, AAA and 802.1X authentication are two powerful tools we can use. Let me show you an example why you might want this for your switches

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  1. al Access Controller Access Control System (TACACS) ist ein in einzelnen Teilfassungen von der IETF standardisiertes und ansonsten auch in anderen Fassungen (beispielsweise Cisco Systems TACACS+) weit verbreitetes Kommunikationsprotokoll für AAA (Authentisierung, Autorisierung und Zurechnung (Accounting)). Es dient der Client-Server-Kommunikation zwischen AAA-Servern und einem.
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  3. Nokia AAA enables you to consolidate your authentication, authorization and accounting capabilities and harmonize quality of experience (QoE) across multiple access networks and technologies. This award-winning platform can help you streamline user and device management processes, drive down costs and reduce time to market for new services. Built on 20 years of AAA expertise, our software.

AAA Authentication Authorization and Accounting. In CCNA Routing and Switching level, we studied local authentication by setting passwords to move to privilege mode (enable password) or creating local user database for authenticating users. In Cisco network infrastructure device running IOS, by default authentication is by a line password (line console or line vty) and authorization by a level. An AAA server is a server program that handles user requests for access to computer resources and, for an enterprise, provides authentication, authorization, and accounting (AAA) services. Authentication is the process of identifying an individual, usually based on a username and password Möglicherweise müssen Sie jedoch schnell handeln, da dieser Top aaa authentication in kürzester Zeit zu einem der gefragtesten Bestseller wird. Denken Sie darüber nach, wie eifersüchtig Sie sind, wenn Sie ihnen sagen, dass Sie Ihre aaa authentication auf Aliexpress haben. Mit den niedrigsten Online-Preisen, günstigen Versandpreisen und lokalen Sammeloptionen können Sie noch größere.

AAA/AUTHOR/EXEC(00000030): Authorization successful. Result: successful . PRIV 15 using fallback authentication DB TEST #3: note privilege=10 with authorization DB. real authorization database (DB) is provided (LOCAL) no fallback to authentication DB (not if-authenticated) R1(config)# aaa authentication default group tacacs+ local R1. I have a couple of basic questions here: 1) Watkins and Wallace's official cert guide says that, in order to implement AAA on a router, I must enter the following commands at a The authentication portion of the AAA framework is the part where we can prove that we are who we say we are. We usually provide a username and password, and often additional authentication factors, to help prove that we really are who we say we are. Once we've identified ourself and authenticated into the AAA framework, the authorization part is going to determine what type of access we.

AAA authorization controls the user's activity by permitting or denying access to what type of network access a user can start (PPP, SLIP, ARAP), what type of commands the user can execute, and more. The seven types of AAA authorization supported on the Cisco IOS Software are as follows:. INFO: Users will ONLY authenticate to the RADIUS servers if the RADIUS server is alive when defining the default aaa authentication list using group NPS_RADIUS_SERVERS followed by local. If you are attempting to log into the device using a local account and the Radius servers are accessable than it will reject the authentication unless the local account used to log in also exist in Active. AAA Sports Memorabilia LLC Authentication Process . Welcome to AAA Sports Memorabilia LLC authentication process section. Whether you collect autographed sports memorabilia for the mere joy, for investment purposes, or both, AAA Sports Memorabilia LLC is dedicated to bringing you the most exciting sports memorabilia available on the market. Our product line comes direct from the most.

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The following are the three generic steps: Enable AAA Define AAA authentication protocol Define AAA server host IP and set secret key which will be shared between the switch and the AAA server. Assign the authentication in the VTY line so that when users try to Telnet/SSH to the switch, they are. AAA (Authentication, Authorization and Accounting) Authentication : server, switch ya da router kullanimlarinda cihaz ya da kullanicinin kimliginin onaylanmasidir. Authorization : kullanici ya da kullanicilara sisteme, programa ve network erisim hakkinin verilmesidir ERR_AAA_UNAUTHORIZED: authorization fail or authenticated requests without cookie; ERR_AAA_BAD_REQUEST: bad request (mostly in CVPN) ERR_AAA_PAGE_NOT_FOUND: invalid requests (mostly in CVPN) ERR_UNKNOWN: unknown category. Mostly a place holder; ERR_AAA_SAML: errors represents all errors while processing SAML. When these issues occur, set the responder policies to send the customized errors. An. AAA servers, rather they be TACACS+ (pronounced tack axe plus) or RADIUS provide a centralized management point to control authentication and authorization to Cisco devices or other vendor devices for not only management purposes of the device but for other authentication methods as well such as remote VPN authentication, SSL VPN, 802.1x and proxy authentication

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add authentication vserver sec_aaa_vs_nFACTOR SSL 443. set ssl vserver sec_aaa_vs_nFACTOR -sslProfile ssl_prof_fe_Secure. bind authentication vserver sec_aaa_vs_nFACTOR -portaltheme RfWebUI_custom. bind ssl vserver sec_aaa_vs_nFACTOR -certkeyName ssl_cer_aaa. Exkurs: Wenn der AAA vServer nur für die Gateway-Authentifizierung genutzt werden soll, kann dieser Non Addressable. Citrix Gateway präsentiert alle gehosteten, SaaS-, Web-, Enterprise- und Mobilanwendungen Benutzern auf jedem Gerät und jedem Browser. Es verwendet nFactor Authentication, um Benutzer gegen lokale Microsoft AD zu authentifizieren und nutzt Microsoft AD FS für Azure Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) aaa authentication dot1x dot1x. machine-authentication enable. machine-authentication machine-default-role computer. machine-authentication user-default-role guest. The following example configures an 802.1X profile that terminates authentication on the controller, where the user authentication is performed with the controller 's internal database or to a backend non-802.1X server: aaa. Configure AAA authentication for console to use the default AAA authentication method. Step 6: Verify the AAA authentication method. Verify the user EXEC using the AAA TACACS+ server. Part 4: Configure Server-Based AAA Authentication Using RADIUS on R3 Step 1: Configure a backup local database entry called Admin. For backup purposes, configure a local username of Admin3 and a.

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aaa authentication [authentication list name] [default] group tacacs+. and in line con 0 if using the command ? Router(config-line)# authentication ? WORD Use an authentication list with this name. default Use the default authentication list. we may use the [authentication list name] or [default] here. in the exhibit, it used local as authentication list, followed by the. AAA (Authentication, Authorization, Accounting) protocols such as RADIUS (RFC 2865) and TACACS+, which was developed by Cisco, were created to address these issues. The AAA architecture gives legitimate users the ability to access networked assets while limiting unauthorized access. Cisco's Secure ACS application, for example, enables AAA protection for network access using the TACACS+. The AAA (Authentication Authorization and Accounting) protocol that has become a de facto standard for network equipment is suitable to fulfill our task. An AAA client (a network device) sends the data of the user to be authenticated to the RADIUS server, and based on the response from the server it grants or denies access. Remote Authentication Dial In User Service (RADIUS) protocol in. Router(config)#aaa authentication default group radius local . All users who want to log in to the access server have to be authorized using Radius (first method) or local database (second method). The following example uses Radius Authentication for Exec access. Router(config)#aaa authorization exec default group radius local . On the AAA server, Service-Type=1 () must be selected.

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Beliebte Verwandte Produkte, Großhandel, Werbeaktion, Bewertungen-Trends in 2021 in Schmuck und Accessoires, Verbraucherelektronik, Licht & Beleuchtung, Sport und Unterhaltung mit aaa authentication und Verwandte Produkte, Großhandel, Werbeaktion, Bewertungen. Entdecken Sie über 518 unserer besten Verwandte Produkte, Großhandel, Werbeaktion, Bewertungen auf AliExpress.com, darunter die. AAA steht für ein Sicherheitskonzept unter dem Authentication, Autorization und Accounting zusammengefasst sind. Es handelt sich dabei um die drei Hauptaufgaben von AAA. Ein Nutzer (Client) möchte einen Dienst in Anspruch nehmen. Ein Network Access Server (NAS) bietet diesen Dienst oder Zugang zum Dienst (Netzwerk) an. Der Client greift auf den NAS zu. Der NAS befragt seinen AAA-Server, der. AAA stands for Authentication, Authorization, and Accounting that this blog will explain. Authentication Authentication is the act of confirming the truth of an attribute of a single piece of data claimed true by an entity. In contrast with identification, which refers to the act of stating or otherwise indicating a claim purportedly attesting to a person or thing's identity. awplus(config)# aaa authentication auth-web {default|<list-name>} group {<group-name>|radius} Points to note: For any one of these authentication types, the authentication will not operate until the either the default or a named method authentication method list has been defined. The commands above effectively enable those three authentication types. If the server group radius is chosen, then. To configure AAA new model authentication and authorization for inbound sessions to vty lines on your router: Note: Before you configure AAA authentication and AAA authorization, you need to configure a RADIUS and/or TACACS+ authentication server. Note that several of the steps in the configuration procedure are optional. Specify AAA new model authentication. host1(config)#aaa new-model.

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AAA Texas is a member club affiliated with the American Automobile Association (AAA) national federation and serves members in the state of Texas (with the exception of Texarkana) 113005: AAA authentication on a connection failed. Cisco ASA is a security device that provides the combined capabilities of a firewall, an antivirus, and an intrusion prevention system. It also facilitates virtual private network (VPN) connections. It helps to detect threats and stop attacks before they spread through the network Basic configuration in IOS aaa new-model tacacs-server host timeout 10 key sup36s3c63t tacacs-server directed-request aaa authentication default group tacacs+ local enable aaa authentication SSH group tacacs+ aaa authentication CONSOLE local aaa authentication enable default group tacacs+ enable none aaa authorization exec default group tacacs+ none aaa. Authentication, authorization, and accounting (AAA) is a standards-based framework that can be implemented to control who is permitted to access a network (authenticate), what they can do on that network (authorize), and to audit what they did while accessin

aaa authentication ssh console TACACS+ LOCAL. Once the authentication part is finished, now you need to enable the authorization. This tells the ASA what commands are available for the authenticated user. To enable authorization, issue the command below. Again, if TACACS+ is available then it will always use the stored account on the server before using the local account. aaa authorization. The New AAA: APIs, Authentication, and Availability Lori MacVittie. Published August 01, 2016 You might have figured out that yes, I'm one of those people playing Pokémon Go. Or, as is often the case of late, not playing Pokémon Go. That's bad, because it also means our youngest is not playing, because as it turns out we're both using Pokémon Trainer Club (PTC) accounts to play, not. Select a topic below to read the AAA coordinated response to documents authentication questions raised during and following the webinar. Authentication of Digital Records Product Patents Versus Sealed Documents , Dating and Sealing of Design Changes . Simplification of Documents Authentication Process Sealing of Hard Copy Documents Sealing of Book Specifications Authentication Requirements for. The Automobile Club of Southern California is a member club affiliated with the American Automobile Association (AAA) national federation and serves members in the following California counties: Inyo, Imperial, Kern, Los Angeles, Mono, Orange, Riverside, San Bernardino, San Diego, San Luis Obispo, Santa Barbara, Tulare, and Ventura Welcome to AAA Missouri. Serving members in Arkansas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Missouri, and parts of Illinois, Indiana, and Kansas. Not a member of AAA Missouri? Visit another club. Login. Username. Password. Forgot username or password? Make a One-Time Payment

The authentication part with AAA and Domain dropdown is working well, but username is going to StoreFront without domain part > session policy failed or applied to single domain in case we define SSO domain in session profile. Does anyone have a working configuration for AAA domain dropdown + NetScaler gateway? NS 12 (41.16) --Rusla RADIUS AAA Solutions . Our CloudRADIUS.com Service ; Role Based Access Control ; Multi-Tenant RADIUS for MSPs ; Wi-Fi and VPN Security Solutions . Zero Trust Network Security Solutions ; Passwordlesss Okta & Azure Security Solutions for Wi-Fi / VPN ; Secure VPN Authentication ; EAP-TLS Authentication ; Eduroam ; Preventing Over-the-Air Credential Theft ; Passpoint / Hotspot 2.0 Enabled 802.1x. AAA Authentication will let you authenticate users before they gain access to the network by using a radius or tacacs server. Shop; Labs; Blog; FAQ; About; Contact; Search for: Search. AAA Authentication. Posted by Rene Molenaar October 4, 2011 in Security. Scenario: As part of the security team you are always looking for ways to improve security within the company. You want to get rid of all.

Passwordless authentication promises to provide a frictionless experience, while reducing administrative burden and overall security risks for your organization. In essence, it's a simpler, more secure way to MFA. Our passwordless authentication solution is flexible and easy to set up, and it's designed with the same best-in-class usability you'd expect from any Duo product. Sign up. Welcome to AAA East Central. Serving members in parts of Kentucky, New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and West Virginia. Not a member of AAA East Central? Visit another club. Login. Manage your AAA East Central Membership and Pennsylvania Insurance. Username. Password. Forgot username or password? Make a One-Time Payment. Pay your insurance bill without logging in (Pennsylvania only). Insured in. Are you a AAA insurance policyholder but yet not a member? You can access the following services: Pay My Insurance Bill; Submit Insurance Questionnaire; File an Insurance claim; Register for My Account. Sign up and manage your AAA membership online. It's convenient and easy. Manage your online account information ; View and pay your insurance policies; Receive important membership alerts. The server used for authentication is called authentication vserver or AAA vserver. There a different ways of deploying AAA-TM solution. Original incarnation of AAA-TM deployments (NetScaler firmware versions predating 10.1) comprised of a pair of TM and Authentication vserver. That is, for every TM vserver, one would need to configure an authentication vserver. However, all the TM vservers. Restrict SSH for Management & Enable AAA Authentication for SSH Sessions. Written by Administrator. Posted in Cisco Routers - Configuring Cisco Routers. 4.2 1 1 1 1 1 Rating 4.20 (5 Votes) Tweet. This article shows how to configure and setup SSH for remote management of Cisco IOS Routers. We'll show you how to check if SSH is supported by your IOS version, how to enable it, generate an RSA.

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password conft router : ciscoenpa55 R1: R1(config)#username Admin1 secret admin1pa55 R1(config)#aaa new-model R1(config)#aaa authentication default local R1(config)#line console 0 R1(config-line)# authentication default R1(config)#ip domain-name ccnasecurity.com R1(config)#crypto key zeroize rsa R1(config)#crypto key generate rsa 1024 R1(config)#aaa authentication TELNET-LOGIN. XAdapter › Forums › Canada Post Shipping Plugin with Print Label for WooCommerce › AAA Authentication Failure This topic contains 7 replies, has 5 voices, and was last updated by Anindo 2 years, 8 months ago. Author Posts May 29, 2017 at 11:17 am #47428 VictorParticipant Hello, I cant get any shipping rates in the [ CAM offers authentication Services through a component called AAA. When dealing with authentication issues it is mandatory to collect a trace of messages generated by CAM-AAA as they will enable efficient troubleshooting. This log file is often called a triple A trace, AAA trace or CAM trace

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Router(config)# aaa authentication ONLYLOCAL local The last step in configuring authentication is to apply the profile to a line, such as the console or telnet ports. Router(config)# line vty 0 15 Router(config-line)# authentication default Notice we referenced the authentication profile's name of default Cisco AAA Authentication study guide by alphastate includes 33 questions covering vocabulary, terms and more. Quizlet flashcards, activities and games help you improve your grades

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Der Zugang zu den Erfahrungsberichten unserer Studierenden ist passwortgeschützt. Bitte beachten Sie, dass es sich dabei jedoch NICHT um dasselbe Passwort wie für die normalen Online-Dienste der Universität Bamberg handelt (FlexNow o.ä.) AAA (Authentication, Authorization & Accounting) either can be enabled locally on a cisco device or remotely through a TACACS/RADIUS server. TACACS is cisco proprietary protocol & RADIUS is IETF standard protocol. TACACS use TCP port 49 as transport protocol & RADIUS use UDP 1645-1646 (legacy) or 1812-1813 for AAA authentication & accounting respectively

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On the Switch set system radius-server <server ip> secret <secret> port 1812 accounting-port 1813 set system authentication-order [ radius password ] This will tell the switch to authenticate usernames against the Eric Rochow Dot Net. Home; About Eric; Sep 26 2012. 4 Comments. By Eric Rochow Juniper, Microsoft. Configure Juniper Switches for AAA with Microsoft NPS This is a known good setup. Remote AAA. Sub-menu: /ppp aaa. Settings in this submenu allows to set RADIUS accounting and authentication. Note that RADIUS user database is consulted only if the required username is not found in local user database. Propertie RFC 2903 Generic AAA Architecture August 2000 and is published so that the work will be available for the AAAarch subgroup and others working in this area, not as a definitive description of architecture or requirements. The authorization subgroup of the AAA Working Group proposed an AAA Authorization Framework [] illustrated with numerous application examples [] which in turn motivates a. 1>aaa authentication :User EXEC Authentication 2>aaa authentication enable:Privileged EXEC Authentication 3>timeout值为cisco router等待多长时间将此认证method认为是error。默认timeout为30s,取值范围1~300s。 4>上图列出的methods,aaa authentication enable不支持local和local-case。 Username and Password Prompts: 默认用户登录时,cisco会给出这样的. Using AAA high availability with Access Policy Manager (APM), you can configure multiple authentication servers to process requests, so that if one authentication server goes down or loses connectivity, the others can resume authentication requests, and new sessions can be established, as usual. Note: Although new authentications fail if the BIG-IP system loses connectivity to the server.

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I want to configure TACACS + server on windows 2008 R2 OS with AAA authentication for Juniper Devices (Router, Firewall and Switch) Can anyone help me on this? Do you provide me any step by step document or link for that? Please help Sourav . My mail id is -sourav.201030@yahoo.com · Hi Sourav, ACS 5.2 support Windows AD 2008 R2, you could configure. AAA-TM (Authentication, authorization and auditing - Traffic Management) AAA-TM The AAA feature set controls NetScaler authentication, authorization, and auditing policies. These policies include definition and management of various authentication schemas. NetScaler sup- ports a wide range of authentication protocols and a strong, policy-driven application firewall capability. Deployment. AAA: Authentication, Authorization, Administration (computer security) AAA: Auburn Adventist Academy (Auburn, Washington, USA) AAA: Arkansas Alumni Association (University of Arkansas) AAA: Agro-Action Allemande: AAA: Asymmetric Allylic Alkylation (chemistry) AAA: Aspen Achievement Academy: AAA: Analytical Advisory Activities (World Bank) AAA: Avionics Air Assembly: AAA: Annals of Archaeology. User Security This section covers the following: AAA Configuration AAA Configuration This section describes Authentication, Authorization, and Accounting (AAA), and contains these topics: Authentication, Authorization, and Accounting Overview Confi

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